On behalf of the Budapest Machinery Vocational Center, I welcome all of our students, parents, colleagues, and employees. Thank you for visiting our official site, and for your interest in our professional activities. Our institution, just like the other four centers here in Budapest, was founded on 1st July, 2015, by the Ministry of National Economy, based on the public educational and state budget laws.


There are 13 schools in our centre, as well as 17 different locations that house educational and vocational activities. Our official name suggests we solely work with machinery skills, but many of our schools include informatics as well. Our schools provide a wide-range of well-equipped vocational workshops. They attract students interested in vehicle machinery, building engineering, mechatronics, and so on. Moreover, there are some unique schools providing printing, shipping, and aircraft maintenance skills to students.

The detailed list of professional skills offered can be found on our web page, under the option “szakmai kínálat”. Our school network covers the territory of Pest from Csepel, to the edge of Újpest. Being that most of the schools are downtown, there is good access to public transportation. Yet some other school are proud of their green surroundings.

We are proud of the variety of skills offered. Students are able to choose the standard daytime training, as well as a night school, or correspondence course. Our students spend their practical training at firms and other industrial facilities in real working circumstances. Due to the European school cooperations, students can sometimes even fulfill this task abroad.

Please don’t hesitate to browse our website. You are welcome to review our wide range of skill opportunities, and hopefully find one that you are interested in. I hope I will be able to welcome you soon as one of our new students.



Budapest, 2015. október 20.


Dr. Horváth Béla director general

Budapest Machinery Vocational Center

Budapest, Váci út 179-183.